What's it about? is a new mobile development conference primarily based around JavaScript and Appcelerator Titanium. It's a single day, not-for-profit, community run event featuring some of the best JavaScript and Titanium Mobile developers from Australia and abroad. The event is to take place on the Tuesday, 20th of August 2013 - entry and tickets are open to all regardless of your skill level! We welcome beginners and experts alike. Get your ticket now from EventBrite.


    South Melbourne

    tiConf Australia 2013 will be held in Melbourne, at the Smart Artz Gallery in the south of the city centre. Smart Artz Gallery is a cool and contemporary function space built out of an old industrial warehouse, and is only a stones throw away from the York St/Claredon St tram stop.

tiConf AU 2013
Melbourne, Australia

tiConf AU 2014 has been announced! This year it will be held in Sydney, dates still TBD. Please visit for more information and tickets.


tiConf AU has ended for 2013, but you can still relive all the excitement online via our Vimeo Channel, Twitter, Facebook and more. Thank you to all the sponsors and speakers who gave up their time to attend and present, along with all of the attendees who made the event such a great success.

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Speaking at tiConf are some of the finest Appcelerator Titanium and JavaScript developers from the USA and abroad.

Speaker list and agenda will be updated constantly over the next few weeks as we add more speakers and session details to the website.

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Boydlee Pollentine
Titan, TCAD, Author of Appcelerator Titanium Smartphone Cookbook.

Boydlee has spent the last 10+ years working for large corporations and government departments in Australia, as well as successfully running a software development company for a number of years. He now owns and runs a small digital and mobile agency based in Norwich called Tipsy & Tumbler with his partner, Hannah.

An early adoptor of Titanium, he is also a Titan, TCAD and has spoken at numerous events including Mobile Monday and London Titanium.He's even written a book about Titanium development (available from Amazon, Packt Publishing and all good book stores and online retailers!).

Craig Harman
Managing Director and Founder Harmonic New Media

Craig has 18 years of experience in the web industry as founder and managing director of Harmonic New Media. His company has worked with some of Australia’s largest musical acts, leading radio stations and corporate clients.

In 2010 he discovered Appcelerator’s Titanium and started shifting the focus of his company from web to mobile. By 2012 he was handpicked by Appcelerator’s CEO Jeff Haynie to take part in his Codestrong Keynote and Harmonic’s revenue stream is now 50% mobile. He has developed more than 15 Titanium apps a number of which have ranked in the Apple App Store Top 30 both locally and internationally.

David Bankier
Titan, TCAD, TCMD, TiShadow Developer.

David Bankier leads YY Digital, a company that builds integrated mobile, tablet and server side applications for enterprise. He has used Titanium for mobile dev since 2010 and uses a mix of Node, Scala and Java on the backend. Unlike Jeff, in 1995 he was in high school and developing medical billing packages for dentists using VB (which he has refused to use since). As a Titan, David's blog dives deep in to Titanium. He likes to CodeFast.

Jeff Bonnes
Titan, TCAD.

Jeff Bonnes is a entrepreneur and developer with 20 years experience in the IT industry. He has been developing data driven websites since 1995 using C, PHP, Java, and Grails. He has worked in a wide range of industries including Local Government, Finance, Document management, and Online Communities. He discovered Appcelerator Titanium in 2010, and has not looked back.He has a blog at where he keeps the Titanium community up to date on the latest news.

Jeff posts regular news and updates about Titanium on his blog at (Earth's Greatest Titanium Blog).

Tony Lukasavage
Lead Engineer on Alloy at Appcelerator

Tony is currently the project lead on Alloy, Appcelerator's MVC framework for Titanium. Prior to that he spent time as a platform evangelist for Titanium, supporting and engaging the community, which he continues to this day. In addition, he wrote the bulk of the "Forging Titanium" screencast series on advanced Titanium development. He's also a huge advocate of open source software and a frequent Github contributor. These days when he's not working on Alloy (which is rare) he is usually experimenting with new languages and code, blogging, conversing on Twitter, cooking a NY strip steak, or drinking whiskey, preferably bourbon. Not uncommonly, all are performed simultaneously.

Jeff Haynie
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Appcelerator

Jeff is Co-founder and CEO of Appcelerator. Jeff is a long-time serial entrepreneur, technologist and blogger. Previously, Jeff was Co-founder and CTO of Vocalocity, a software provider in the communications arena and before that, CTO of eHatchery, a digital incubator and off-shoot of Bill Gross’ idealab!. Jeff has worked on numerous standard committees such as IETF and W3C as well as core contributor to a number of important open source technologies such as JBoss and OpenVXI. Jeff served with distinction in the U.S. Navy.

Why Cross Platform is the Only Way Forward
Boydlee Pollentine

There has been a long debate recently about native vs non-native apps with native supporters pointing to various statements, such as those by Facebook, that anything but native development is second best. The truth though, is that this is not a black and white argument - in between native apps and HTML 5 lies a vast array of hybrid and cross platform solutions that you simply can't afford to ignore. In this session Boydlee will explain why cross platform development is really the only way forward for the future of developers in the post-PC world.

Alloy - The Hard Parts
Tony Lukasavage

In this session, Tony Lukasavage (Lead Engineer on Titanium Alloy) will go through some of the more advanced features and tips of building Alloy applications.

Easier (and better) Android Development
Jeff Bonnes

Don't we all love developing for Android? In this session, Jeff Bonnes will share his tips and tricks to make your Android development with Ti as painless as possible. Android can be as functional and (almost) as performant as iOS with less 'if' statements. He'll also give an overview how the Android market compares to iOS in Australia. The results might surprise you.

Native Mobile Development at the Speed of Web
David Bankier

The Titanium development lifecycle can be fast. #ReallyReallyFast. Amongst other tools, tips and tricks, David will share TiShadow, a tool that allows you to deploy, test and send live updates to many devices simultaneous. No need for compiling. No need for painfully slow simulators. The talk will cover early prototypes and snippets to remotely managing and updating customer test builds.

Beyond Responsive Design: Moving your web agency to mobile development
Craig Harman

Appcelerator’s Titanium has empowered web developers the world over with the ability to create cross-platform mobile applications by using their existing skill set. But how do you shift or merge your web strategy with a new mobile focus? Craig will take you through his experience introducing his web team to mobile development, expanding his client offering to include mobile and how Titanium 3.0 technologies such as Alloy make app creation even more similar to web development.



About the agenda // The agenda will be updated with new information as it comes to us.

Stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook accounts for news of agenda changes and other special announcements..



Domestic Airlines:
Almost all domestic airlines fly direct to Melbourne airport from a variety of cities, below is a list of airlines and links which you may find useful:

Virgin Blue offers flights from most Australian cities from $109 one-way. For more information, visit (

Jetstar offers flights from most Australian cities from $39 one-way. For more information, visit (

When you get there:
The easist way to get to and from Smart Artz Gallery is via Tram, as the venue is only a stones throw away from the York St/Claredon St tram stop.

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